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New York Classic Mini Soft-baked Cookies

Every piece is handmade, without aid of a machine except an oven. These fun-sized cookies are all baked to order - we do not pre-bake anything. They will keep for about 2 weeks, perhaps longer if refrigerated in an air-tight container. (Although, they rarely last that long if left out at home or in the office!)

Each jar is 210g, or 22-25 little piece of delight. Every jar contains a marriage of two flavours:

Each cookie is roughly 4cm (1.5") diameter, slightly larger than a gold coin.


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Personalisation: Create your own personalised label for your jar of cookies! You can have a different message or name for each individual jar purchased. Simply leave us a note on this in the instructions box after you click 'Add To Bag'.


Got a question about your order? Call/SMS Aaron 92257913 with your order ID.

Employee appreciation is a piece of cake! Company milestones, staff birthdays, work anniversaries - they deserve an all-natural reward, too. Call/SMS Joseph 90064163 so we can customise a monthly service for you.


Ingredients: These All-Natural New York Classic Mini Soft-baked Cookies are handmade with love, flour, butter, egg, brown sugar, vanilla essence, malted milk, sea-salt bits, dark chocolate, white chocolate, cocoa, earl grey bergamot leaves, lavender blossoms, and a pinch of himalayan rock salt. 

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