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Flourless Chocolate Snickerdoodle Torte Cake

Forget the name, this cake is no snickering joke. The flourless crumb is tender, the salted caramel filling and frosting luscious, with a pinch of cassia cinnamon spice for completeness.


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Size Info:

Each 3kg cake is roughly 25cm (10") square. Good for about 25-30 adults

Each 2kg cake is roughly 25cm x 16cm (10"x6.3") rectangular. Good for about 16-20 adults

Each 1kg cake is roughly 25cm x 8cm (10"x3.2") rectangular. Good for about 6-10 adults

This cake can be made round with a minimum order of 2KG.

Cake is sliced for illustrative purpose only. All cakes are packaged whole (unsliced) unless requested otherwise. 

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Ingredients: The Natural Flourless Chocolate Snickerdoodle Torte Cake is handmade with love, gluten-free flour, butter, milk, housemade natural greek yoghurt, cocoa, eggs, cream cheese, water, brown sugar, cassia cinnamon, and a pinch of himalayan rock salt. 

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