The Ugly Truth – Dough Empire®

The Ugly Truth

So, we're not gonna sugarcoat the stuff we do (figuratively AND literally).

And the truth is, we probably roll the ugliest dough in town. Small on frills, big on flavour - that's us.

We need you to know that we don't make pretty-pretty things -- there are plentyyyyy of places doing that already. So. Just so you don't set yourself up for disappointment, we need to manage your expectations on what you WILL NOT be getting from us:

  • artificial colouring
  • artificial flavouring
  • buckets of sugar, icing, fondant, etc

If you've really got to have all these things then we're not for you, sorry (not sorry). We're happy to point you to places that will give you all of the above by the truckload.


 A little dough goes a long way

We donate some of our dough (hurhur) to organisations we believe in:

Daughters of Tomorrow  Love Kuching Project 

Room To Read  
Break The Binary 


Here's a few other things about us:

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Wholesale rates for F&B, corporates & other bulk requests

Yes, can do. Send your details and we'll write back.




Dough Empire is a concept by

the same lame folks from The Garden Slug

so okay now you know our big secret. *throws confetti*